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Xen Zone is a provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults.

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Unless the person is harassing you to the point where you feel you or your personal information is in danger, you don’t, and should contact law enforcement instead (cyber crimes).

If they feel they trust you enough, they’ll give you that information voluntarily.

You can get tips on how to break up with someone or how to get over a break up.

There are lots of people who understand what you're going through and you'll always be able to find someone to talk to.

Today, there are four basic types of online therapy.

E-therapy, mental health advice sites, adjunct services, and telepsychiatry.

The History of Online Therapy Online therapy has actually been around since 1986 when Dear Uncle Ezra was started at Cornell University.

This online mental health advice service was provided free of charge. You definitely cannot expect to get free counseling in person nowadays!

So, what are the differences and the pros and cons?

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