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to be a girls' night (like how the guy sitting at the other side of the restaurant looks like Zefron and you want her help kidnapping him) impossible to say.2. You want to side with your bestie, but you don't want their SO to hate you, since you know they'll totally make up. You know you're friends and everything, but you don't need this unnecessary pressure.

Walking with them makes you realize how unnecessarily small sidewalks are. It's a lose/lose, and you'd rather not get involved.5. As if being the third wheel wasn't already hard enough.6. Or sitting alone on a couch watching them dance the night away like the painfully adorable couple they are.9.

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Maybe the waiter/waitress will be hot or maybe your friend’s date has a hot best friend. Maybe suggest a place neither are familiar with or call them out on the mushy gushy stuff that makes them both look whipped and annoying. Make jokes about how hilarious it is when you go to an amusement park and have to sit with the strangers [or alone] on the rides.

Don’t make the couple feel badly that they are in a relationship and you are in one with food. Sometimes the PDA gets to you even when you like to pretend it doesn’t.

Don’t be that annoying tagalong that tries to convince one person in the relationship that the other person meant something they may not have. If you really feel the need to intervene, talk it out with your friend and not their girl/boyfriend first. If you are the third wheel then you are the most fun and trustworthy person your friends have.

Honestly, they wouldn’t purposely invite a cock block along unless you were worth the time and attention. As self-explanatory as this may sound, some friends really don’t know how to take a hint.

So, all of that may or may not be true, but either way, I'm single and fun, and even though I complain about not having a boyfriend, the truth is that I am having a good time doing what I do as a single woman.

Now, before you get any assumptions of the rest of this article, let me clear some things up for you.

I know it sounds crazy that there actually may be a certain way to perfect the crowd that is you, your friend, and his or her significant other.

But ladies and gentlemen, I am proof that there is such a thing as being a good third wheel.

Is it really crazy that you're cool with being single? Thinking about being the third wheel makes you feel like more of a third wheel.

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