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A brief break in the storms Thursday before heavy rain returns to end the week.

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The United States today averages 1200 tornadoes a year.

The number of tornadoes increased dramatically in the 1990s as the modernized National Weather Service installed the Doppler Radar network.

Heat Advisories may well go into effect, but, regardless, take precautions for this extreme heat which will last until the middle of next week.

Frank Temperatures today are hovering in the mid 90s with Feels Like heat indexes in the 103 to 108 range.

A few clouds linger but outside of an isolated afternoon shower, we're rain-free.

Temperatures turn warmer with middle 80s along the Grand Strand, lower 90s inland.

Theodore Fujita first introduced The Fujita Scale in the SMRP Research Paper, Number 91, published in February 1971 and titled, "Proposed Characterization of Tornadoes and Hurricanes by Area and Intensity".

He wanted something that categorized each tornado by intensity and area. Fujita and his staff showed the value of the scale's application by surveying every tornado from the Super Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974.

Fujita's scale was designed to connect smoothly the Beaufort Scale (B) with the speed of sound atmospheric scale, or Mach speed (M).

Fujita explains explicitly that "F-scale winds are estimated from structural and/or tree damage, the estimated wind speed applies to the height of the apparent damage above the ground." Figure 1 shows graphically the relationship between the three scales.

With more people trained to relay information on storm activity to the Weather Forecast Office and improved communication and digital technology, more tornadoes could be reported.

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