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The leader of the White Council, and by extension one of the most powerful and skilled wizards alive.

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The White Council is a loose confederation of wizards from all over the world that enforces the Laws of Magic and strives to protect humanity from hostile magical creatures.

Unfortunately, many of its members are hide-bound by the old ways of doing things, and the body as a whole may not be up to the task of dealing with modern threats to the peace and stability of the world.

He was raising Harry to become one of his enforcers but was killed in self-defense by Harry. The repercussions of her actions are still being revealed.

She has not yet and probably never will appear directly in the series; consequently, most of the below examples are inference or outright speculation.

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Later on that role takes a backseat to his mastery of battlefield combat as the Wardens go to war.

A trainee Warden who participates in the battle against the Kemmlerites due to the lack of trained fighters.

Ambitious, aggressive, and dangerous, Cristos has both Harry and Ebenezar convinced that he is an agent of the Black Council. Ebenezer considers the latter the worse of the possibilities.

A high-ranking member of the Wardens, skilled swordsman and battle wizard, Morgan is introduced as the magical equivalent of a parole officer - his job is to keep an eye on Harry and execute him if he shows signs of having gone back to his warlock ways, a duty Morgan pursues with gusto.

She is injured, but recovers and later helps to retrieve a shoggoth from a besieged Venatori stronghold.

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