Updating a row in sql using jdbc

The following example sends all INSERT statements as a single batch to the database server: Wb Start Batch; INSERT INTO person (id, firstname, lastname) VALUES (1, 'Arthur', 'Dent'); INSERT INTO person (id, firstname, lastname) VALUES (2, 'Ford', 'Prefect'); INSERT INTO person (id, firstname, lastname) VALUES (3, 'Zaphod', 'Beeblebrox'); INSERT INTO person (id, firstname, lastname) VALUES (4, 'Tricia', 'Mc Millian'); Wb End Batch; COMMIT; Even if you specify more then one column in the column list, SQL Workbench/J will only use the first column.

If the SELECT returns more then one row, then one output file will be created for each row.

In some cases these primary keys are not present or cannot be retrieved from the database (e.g. To still be able to automatically update a result based on those tables (without always manually defining the primary key) you can manually define a primary key using the If you want to define certain mappings permanently, this can be done using a mapping file that is specified in the configuration file.

The file specified has to be a text file with each line containing one primary key definition in the same format as passed to this command.

Most drivers will not accept different types of statements e.g. To send a group of statements as a single batch, simply use the command to mark the end.

You have to run all statements together either by using "Execute all" or by selecting all statements (including Wb Start Batch and Wb End Batch) and then using "Execute selected".

If a filename is defined in the configuration file then that file is loaded.

Alternatively if no file is configured, or if you want to load a different file, you can specify the filename using the command.

You can also manipulate (save, view, upload) the contents of BLOB columns in a result set. is executed, only a summary of the number of executed statements will be displayed, once the script execution has finished.

This is the same behaviour as selecting "Consolidate script log" in the options window.

The global mapping will automatically be saved when you exit the application if a filename has been defined.

If no file is defined, then all PK mappings that you define are lost when exiting the application (unless you explicitely save them using Wb Save Pk Map command, but those changes won't be saved to the file.

When you define the key columns for a table through the GUI, you have the option to remember the defined mapping.

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