Text only sex chats like omegle

I added one of those bots before, on kik, from omegle.

They try to have a conversation and post nudes (from the google images or something) then they link you a cam website were they say that they will strip for you or something.

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I'm having a plastic surgeon install jet engines, M61 Vulcan Gatlin guns and AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles on my body.

From now on i want you guys to call me "Eagle " and respect my right to kill innocent men, women and children from above without mercy and kill needlessly If you can't accept me you're a jetphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. What would happen if you followed through on one of those, do you know?

They blocked it for a while by using Captcha, but they got more complaints about the captcha than about the bots.

I still use Omegle but only use certain tags of which I'm sure people are there to talk, not for 'other' things.

It was really popular with scene girls and iirc it was shut down because there was too many teens getting nakey on there. When my ex-gf was in middle school she used to flash dudes on there all the time.

It was more like a Skype or a Kik than a chatroulette or omegle. With the abundance of the bots and spammers, people just grew tired of it all and gave up.

Around that point the original college users became parents and more adults suddenly started joining, so the new 98-now kids didn't want to be on the site their parents were on.

That got long, but I guess my point was that Facebook's user base did get younger for a period of time before it got older. I joined shortly after Facebook launched for my alma mater and only about a year after I graduated.

It's simply not worth the effort anymore to continue searching. The process has been fully automated now, all these dicks are being transmitted across the internet without the need for human intervention.

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