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I thought he was just another marketer trying to prey on the hard work of other PUAs and nothing more.I watched the trends of this PUA community over the years and noticed him getting more attention and rising to the top.

So what exactly does our stealth mode feature entail?

Essentially once stealth mode is activated, LFG members can browse other user profiles and photos without the other user ever knowing they visited.

If you’re a beginner and you learn how to never get rejected right off the bat, I don’t think that’d be a very good idea.

If you’re at an intermediate level where you’re seeing an inconsistent mix of both good and bad results, you’re probably really hungry for something that will snap all the pieces into the right holes.

Now, PUA Training has a tremendous and influential presence.

Of course, I eventually realized that I should probably be a little more open-minded and less judgmental of Richard and his company.Richard makes doing this absolutely effortless with his “Forcing IOIs” technique.My jaw pretty much hit the floor when I realized how much energy I had wasted using flash game over the years when I could have gotten results just by doing what Richard teaches.I also met him face-to-face so I got a chance to check out what he’s all about live in-field at one of the biggest clubs here in Korea.I’ll tell you more about that in just a bit, but first…As a “community veteran,” or someone who has been in this Seduction/PUA community for several years, I’ve read, heard, and seen practically everything out there.

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