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From #circulardesign to #garmentcollection the status report details the targets set by the 94 signatories including Nike, ASOS, Gap and PVH!

Today, we are incredibly proud to release the first annual status report of the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment.

By zooming-out you can see other cruise ship ports located near Copenhagen, Denmark.

If you lose the Copenhagen location on the map, simply reload the page (also with F5 button).

In April 2017, the Swedish Maritime Administration gave its permission to Copenhagen Malmo Port to receive large-sized cruise vessels in port Malmo.

There was a previous constraint on cruise liners visiting Malmo that limited the port calls to ships with LOA length not exceeding 240 m (787 ft).

According to the Copenhagen interpretation, physical systems generally do not have definite properties prior to being measured, and quantum mechanics can only predict the probabilities that measurements will produce certain results.

The act of measurement affects the system, causing the set of probabilities to reduce to only one of the possible values immediately after the measurement. There have been many objections to the Copenhagen interpretation over the years.

May 9 the Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group group released the 2018 edition of the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report, the annual in-depth assessment of the fashion industry’s environmental and social performance.

Global Fashion Agenda, the organisation behind Copenhagen Fashion Summit, have published the 2018 Status Report for the 2020 Commitment to Circular Fashion.

It has daily passenger capacity 5000, quay length 370 m (1214 ft) and water depth 12 m (39 ft).

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