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Shifting smoothly; preloading the shift lever; clutch effects. In some instances seals & a synthetic oil may not be perfectly compatible.

There is no question in my mind, that HIGH QUALITY SYNTHETIC GL5-rated oils WILL SIGNIFICANTLY PROLONG the life of a transmission (& rear drive) that does not have previous problems or wrong assembly clearances.

We give many tasks a technical rating to help you decide if you will need professional help: Good working knowledge and technical understanding are necessary A basic mechanic's tool set is all that is normally needed Suitable for the home mechanic who is happy doing routine servicing such as oil changes and minor adjustments following the manual.

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While there can be other causes that a change to a thicker oil will not help, in this instance you can try the thicker oil, such as 85W140 or similar.

I recommended that you do use them unless: you live in an area where the temperature that you start the bike at will be ~100F or more (that also means the un-started engine temperature generally), and that you will be riding fast &/or with heavy loading, or pulling a sidecar or trailer ...in very hot weather ... There is an exception; some few transmissions will stiffen-up gear changing when the oil is hot.

Synthetic gearbox oils are very much improved, hence my changed recommendations.

My present recommendation is that, if you want to, you should use a synthetic gear oil of good quality.

The reason manufacturer's don't tell you to do such testing as it can expose you to dangerous voltages! Yamaha Service Bulletin M6-0 wiring DT250/360/400 - Generic example DT250 wiring diagram DT250E wiring diagram DT360 wiring diagram DT400B wiring diagram DT400E wiring digram 12v Conversion troubleshooting guide XT250/500 12 Volt Conversion Trouble Shoooting XT 12v conversion trouble shooting guide Yamaha SR400/500 Ignition Trouble Shooting Guide XT500 G & H Factory Fitted CDi Trouble Shooting Guide SR500 Low Speed Pulser Adjustment (Yamaha Publication) XT500 & SR500 Oil Pressure Check (Yamaha Publication) DT/IT/MX/YZ 250/360/400 Ignition Trouble Shooting Guide Lucas Rita Tests and Checks Connecting Twin HT Coils (positive & negative earth) Fitting an electronic dynamo regulator - PME DYNA-REG Fitting Guide 6 Volt Solid State Regulator Rectifier Unit - 2 & 3 Wire Alternators British bike alternator information, upgrades and options Lucas wiring diagrams for many common British Bikes equipped with an alternator Improving output from Lucas altertanators & testing Lucas E3L, E3LM & E3N dynamo manual Options on converting 6 Volt Lucas Dynamos All Rex's fitting guides must be used in conjunction with the OEM bike manufacturer's manual for that model.

Important Service Bulletins for PME Products XL5 & XR5 - Problem with non Genuine Honda manuals Connecting Euro H4 Headlamp plugs to Yamaha XT/DT wiring General Information Rex's "Dual Power" System explained Capacitor discharge ignition - how it works and what the shop manuals don't tell you. It is the responsibility of the person fitting the parts to ensure they have the correct technical data, tooling and test equipment.

There are oils available that replace the "90" with 120 or even 145.

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