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If you have an article or experience with cyber BDSM please feel free to submit it either by emailing below, or by filling out the feedback form.The #Leather_and_Roses chat room has been dusted off and re-opened on the irc.server!

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The only qualification needed is a penchant for perfectly shaped teenage bottoms and the inclination to correct the anti-social and misbehaviour of real, hot, young, rough tearaways.

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Instead of her delicate fingers gripping the stem of a crystal goblet of champagne as she winked a toast to the reader, she gripped the scarred and worn leather handle of an ancient trunk as she dragged it from a dark corner of the filthy attic.

Yet somehow Julie still managed to look stunningly beautiful.Please check out the "Statement Of Intent For Ln R" in order to understand the changes in the channel and what the channel's intent is now.Also, check out the chanel rules (Dominants and Slaves).All of the boys are 18 or over, none are professional models & completely exclusive to this site.During my travels I found other daddies who shared my passion for hot naughty young boys, so I started – hey if you fancy spanking a few hot boys we are looking for new daddies and we plan to film all over the world so contact me if you are interested.The shorts exposed miles of creamy bare leg and thigh, and her ass looked amazing bulging through the holes of the torn cutoffs.

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