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‬, lit: Higher, or advanced, House of Study) is a Haredi yeshiva and kollel located in Lakewood, New Jersey. As of 2012, the yeshiva has 6,500 married and undergraduate students, and one of the largest yeshivas in the world.Over the years, the roshei yeshiva of BMG have all been associated with the Kotler family, beginning with Rabbi Aharon Kotler from 1943 until his death in 1962; Rabbi Shneur Kotler, his son, who led the yeshiva from 1962 until his death in 1982; and the present roshei yeshiva, Rabbi Malkiel Kotler (son of Harav Shneur Kotler), Rabbi Dovid Schustal (son-in-law of Harav Shneur Kotler), Rabbi Yerucham Olshin and Rabbi Yisroel Neuman (sons-in-law of Rabbi Dov Schwartzman).Rabbis Olshin, Schustal and Neuman are married to grandchildren of Rabbi Aharon Kotler.

All actions have reactions and nothing happens in a vacuum.

When a girl and her parents in America make the choice for the girl to be sent overseas to Israel after she graduates high school to study at a seminary in Yerushalayim, it affects both the girl and her future her head is already in the seminary subject that goes with dreams of travel, touring, having fun, inspired lectures about all sorts of subjects, etc.

The campus consists of four main buildings containing over eight study halls and numerous residence halls.

The newest building was completed in the summer of 2015, on the land where Bais Eliyahu (the "trailers") used to be.

The Learning Sponsorship Program allows members and friends of our shul to dedicate a day of learning for the zechut of a yahrzeit, a refua for a choleh, or in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion you wish to recognize.

The Learning Sponsorship Program includes all Divrei Torah that take place in the Shul during the day of the sponsorship.

This means that from about age 17 to age 20 or 21, many girls are thinking about seminaries in Israel and are not actively going out yet.

Those non-dating years for those girls are the equivalent of being “in the freezer,” meaning they are out of circulation from active for a year or two or more. That means that from the ages of about 18 to 22 or 23, the boys are not dating and they’re in an extended “freezer.” We also know that there is a so-called “ to marry at a younger age, meaning not waiting longer than about age 21.

When Rabbi Aharon Kotler came to New York from Europe in 1943, the kollel members asked him to lead the institute.

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