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What is more, some of them really had the space to show character development over time. I feel like they did not clear that one up in the end, but maybe I missed it. the GAP between the enjoyment and recommendation rate from the viewers/fans and the actual ratings is SO HUGE that it's unbelievable... I even rewatch this movie again because it hard for me to leave the story. ella - this is a wikia, not a fans page, i comment how i think possitive or negative on a lot of dramas. what i hate is when people bash other dramas to raise theirs, which if you look only a little lower down is what crazy healer and pinocchio fans were doing jcw i will take comfort in my job as a university lab technician to help me with my dumbness Well, I can relate with young shin so I'd say, it is possible with that feeling.... @ Han no offense but nobody cares about what you have to say, so shut up...4 us Healer is awesome 4 you (I don't get why, It isn't) go and leave us (fans) in peace.. i am offended that you suggested i had not watched it because i didn't love it, i liked it, for me it wasn't special or anywhere near perfect and the romance is the main reason gentlemans dignity, ake care of the young lady boys over flowers all horrible.

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That, although not false, is not entirely true either. I LOVE all your comments guys Definitely a PERFECT DRAMA.... Never mind the ratings, maybe the viewers/audience weren't "critical" thinkers enough.... jung hoo was absolutely awesome.will soon be aired in our country although i have already watch it..i will sure support it avid fan of korean d!

There is much more emphasis on discovering what really happened in the past and what are the identities of some of the characters - there are many thrilling moments, a lot of suspense. the Plot, the casts as in all the casts even to the extras and supporting roles, PERFECT!! It has everything, comedy, humor, SOCIAL RELEVANCE, the action fight scenes are not that brutal--very wholesome, romance and mystery that will let you keep on your seat... ramas.guys are all gret.up..fighting ella, jcw thank you both for letting me know where the reputation of avid healer fans comes from, i had thought it was a gross exaggeration.

Kim Moon-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae) is a popular reporter at major broadcasting company. First all of the actors will move u, the the plot, and the effects! You can tell the hardwork and passion that was put on this drama--- and thats what matters!! I am so glad I watched this drama and I can't move on :( I wish the main guy Chang is given more roles where he's the lead and there is action involved he is freaking perfect I think he's the hottest guy in Korea right now. But the story about politic in this drama is boring i dont like it at all i always skip it But when the scene with ji chang wook and park min young i didnt skip at all and i really love it..sorry guys but this is my opinion about this drama mianata chinggu(": @ han, please don't mind people who don't respect your opinion.

One day, he learns the truth of a case that took place in the past. And yong shin At first I was reluctant to watch this drama but I give it a try since almost all the feedbacks about this drama are good. I need to find another drama so I can move on which sadly nothing can replace my love for this drama. I definitely enjoyed this drama but from your perspective I can understand why you didn't like it.

So this time, we push our self to that totally private, we could decide where to stay longer and what ask to the guide, not only listening to a text they news so well for having it repeat every time.

where in Rome can can sometime feel half of north Africa is trying to sale or take something from [email protected], I forget to mention, that to my knowledge it is not possible right now to book any visit to the Vasari corridor, some thing doing with the fire brigade that need to confirm the security,we took the tour last February and it was [email protected], we've paid 600€ for the 3 of us and the guide, whom had all the keys to some totally restricted areait was schedule for 2 1/2 to 3H but we were in for a bit more than 3H 1/2, 4 or 5 years we took the regular "private" visit they organized and schedule every saturday morning, we than paid 65€ P/ per and it was OK but nothing special, we were more than 20 people and the guide was very rushy always checking the clock and calling back all the one that were taking their time to enjoy.

Journalism is there, but not in the same way as in say Pinocchio (although, of course, there are inevitable similarities). and i've read the same positive comments over and over again in every site that i visited... You can't even notice the time is up for 1 hr/per episode... I agree, for matured and smart audiences, hehehe... i thought my second post was offensive which is why i wrote the third to apologize.

I found that the cast worked very well together - both, the main couple as well as all the other characters - the actors really made the effort to do justice to unique personalities in a realistic way. Can anyone explain to me what happened to the video of Seo JH that was publicly released at some peripheral police station? and so when i saw the rating chart up there...i was so SHOCKED at how low the ratings were at that time??!!! It becomes one of very very good drama ive ever watched. feeling pissed once it over, you never want to missed a scene even if it's the flashback scenes or about the seniors.... thank you ioana for writing back to me in an inoffensive way.

if i haven't seen this drama yet, i guess i'll just go with what everyone else is saying and NOT believe the ratings... does anyone know if the actors have any new projects? hey i liked the comedy, action and actors, but thriller? on your list you have three of my all time favourites and my favourite romcom, healer was not up to their standards for me, but wasn't as bad as gd tcotyl and bof.

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