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Also unlike others in the vicinity, this one was built primarily using local sandstone. Honorable Mention: The Mc Connell Mansion, the state's only surviving Eastlake-style home.

Locals say that ghosts of the original occupants still roam the premises of the opulent mini-castle. One cannot think of architecture in Illinois without thinking of Frank Lloyd Wright.

It's fitting that the home would be in Vincennes, which at the time was the territory's capital.

The design of what would become Indiana's first brick building was based on Berkeley Plantation, the Harrison family's Virginia home. Honorable Mention: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore's Century of Progress Homes, a fascinating collection of model homes constructed in a range of "modern" architectural styles for the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.. No worries — the adjacent American Gothic House Center has props on-hand. Honorable Mention: The 1847 farmhouse known as the Buffalo Bill Cody Homestead, where the Wild West showman spent his childhood.

But, like all good historic homes, the structure nearly didn't make it.

When Historic Denver was incorporated in 1970, the group made a successful plea to save the home from the threat of urban renewal that sacrificed so many of the city's historic treasures. Honorable Mention: The space-age, elliptical Sleeper House in Golden, so called for its appearance in the 1973 Woody Allen movie of the same numerous other works.

Visit Nemours to stroll portions of the property's 300 magnificent acres. Honorable Mention: Winterthur, Henry Francis du Pont's childhood home, now a renowned museum of American decorative arts.

Approximately 40 to 50 polydactyl (six-toed) cats now inhabit the Key West home in which Ernest Hemingway lived with his wife from 1931 to 1940.Honorable Mention: Scottsdale's Taliesin West, the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright, which now serves as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.The Man in Black came from humble roots; his boyhood home was part of Dyess Colony, a project of the New Deal that was established to provide shelter and income for approximately 500 poor farm families.You, too, can visit the promised land by embarking on a guided tour of the house or by visiting the grounds, which are open free-of-charge, year-round. Honorable Mention: Visit the girlhood home of Mary Todd Lincoln, one of history's most noteworthy first ladies, in Lexington.Vacherie's Oak Alley Plantation is perhaps best known for the quarter-mile alley of 300-year old, live oak trees that beckon guests to this "Grand Dame of River Road." If the Greek Revival plantation house looks familiar, you might remember it as one of the settings in is not the only one of his artworks to feature Olsen House, but it is certainly the most famous.Thanks to a recent restoration, Cash's boyhood home is furnished just as it would have been in the 1930s, when the family first lived there. Honorable Mention: A trip to Arkansas wouldn't be complete without a visit to a home designed by renowned local architect E. Heber Springs' Stoneflower would be a great place to start. Undoubtedly the most photographed streetscape in California — if not the country — is San Francisco's famous Postcard Row, constructed by a single developer between 18.

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