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The optimal situation is the possibility of an infrastructure that evolves with business needs, moving between the two paradigms without extra cost.Parallels Remote Application Server allows the interchangeable use of the two technologies, which avoids forcing administrators to make a difficult choice at the beginning of their cloud project.* jquery.0.0.1 -* Scroll smooth to any element in your DOM.

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I’m a fan of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop; it’s built into Windows and allows me to quickly and easily administer a remote box from the comfort of my own work station.

I use it at my house to administer the headless servers on my home network, the Subtext build server, and the co-located Veloc IT servers.

Base software updates and license add-ons do not require client software updates.

Site version updates do require client updates, however.

Today a co-worker asked me how to send the infamous .

This is a pretty common keystroke to use when trying administer windows… With Virtual PC there is menu item to send the keystrokes on to the virtual box.

Remote Desktop Service (RDS), a proprietary protocol of Microsoft, allows users to connect remotely to a network with a graphic user interface.

While the RDS client is installed on the user system, the RDS server software is installed on the server, and a remote connection is established with one or more terminal servers.

A guide on how to program universal remote control codes for TV, DVD player, VCR, DVR and home theater (plus video tutorial on how to program a universal remote.) I started this list when I tried to learn how to program my universal remote control.

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