armenian dating site in ny - Problem updating 98se to xp pro

Anyway, XP is working, but I have 91 updates that want to install but all of them "fail". -- Shenan Stanley MS-MVP -- How To Ask Questions The Smart Way ~esr/faqs/I updated my Windows XP Pro system to SP2 last night from a CD. However, when running Windows update, I had four additional updates. The system seems to have downloaded the files, but then gave me the message "Initializing installation..." and it got stuck. I could do other things in the computer, but I had to re-start the computer to get rid of the stalled Intalling Updates screen.I have tried again, and the updates seem to un-intalled, but 0 bytes to download.I have created two batch files (one disable, the other enable).

problem updating 98se to xp pro-6

ive tried everything i could think of to try and get it to work, but have had no luck.

if anyone knows a fix or anything that could be of help, it would be much appreciatedthanks,matthello, my grandmother got a new laptop and gave me her old gateway pc.

Is it possible, that XP-Pro doesn't know, that XP-Home already had those updates?

If yes, how do I make windows know it's correct patch-condition?

In addition, the drive will not accept an XP upgrade, defrag or scandisk (freezes when "checking file allocation tables".

When I tried to run Drive Scrubber, it appeared to scrub the drive, then when i rebooted, Windows was still there.

When you installed,did you install the upgrade (recommened)?

128 ram is crap,you're system will be unstable and you probably have freeze-ups,crashes low in resources.

I understand that this is a long shot but I always loved the simplicity of Windows 98 and loved the classic user interface.

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