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Pros: So many features, so many developers to enhance.because the script is years old and constatntly being updated Cons: Bugs i was facing, but now they are almost gone. you have facebook type wall ;love it Cons: nothing software does what it needs too. I can always add or install plugins and modules anytime from Admin CP. Your community users will love your social media site. Cons: We need to have good skills programmer however we also have the possibility to be very well assisted. Features I needed and bugs I was facing, I paid so much to developers and they got included everytime by phpfox after that. You can add all your favorite plug-ins and modules. used it on my social networking site where it allowed me to do a lot of customisation Overall: the script is a real money maker and a life saver, makes me feel like a pro on my website social network Excellent script quality. Did you know that “solstice” means “the Sun stands still” in Latin? Nearly every four years we add a leap day on February 29.

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Its not just an of the shelf solution is feels like it grows and adapts to your needs.

With the addition of 3rd Party addons you can get this software tailored to your needs.

Overall: For now, still nobody because we are under development. Overall: There are lots of benefits I got from this software.

But the most important thing is I would be able to earn money on my site and continue earning up to date.

Our import tool: PHPfox Importer for Social Engine will transfer your data and content from your old PHPfox website to your new Social Engine PHP website in a short span of time.

Our PHPfox importer tool will transfer your content such as Blogs, Photos, Events, Music, Videos, Forum, Polls, Pages & Groups, Marketplace Listings, Activity Feed, Privacy, Chat, Likes, Comments, Nested comments, Attachments, Friends, Private Messaging, Announcements, Account Privacy, Custom Fields, SEO - Meta Keywords & Description, Custom Pages, Ad Campaigns, Poke, Banned users, Facebook and Janrain Users, Admin settings and many more.This makes php Fox different from other social network software. Overall: You Net Co provides many php Fox apps for users to fulfill features on this Script. If your looking for a great platform, look no further than PHPFOX!Cons: The only concern would be the mobile side of the platform.Great ranking on search engines due to the content that can be stored within the program.My users rave about the software and Take the credit .... Great Job Peace of mind and reliablilty Pros: I have been working at You Net Co for 6 years to develop addon products on php Fox, SE and Oxwall.we offer includes website design, redesign, CMS (Content Management System), CSS web design, open source ecommerce websites, personal web pages, custom template design, open source shopping carts, blogs, custom web design, website maintenance, seo (search engine optimization) and much more. we provide pixel perfect website fully manageable via admin panel , we create fully Responsive websites provide theme option panel like premium themes . we can handle any kind of Php Fox related work provide website maintenance service as well.

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