Peer guardian not updating

It is actively maintained only on Linux and developers encourage Windows users to migrate to Peer Block, a fork of Peer Guardian.

How many times will they give you a slap on the wrist before cutting off your internet permanently?

Also keep in mind the ISP is sharing your info w/ the copyright troll sending you the letters.

At some point they too will actually start sending you settlement notices and/or file suit against you. Also, I agree that no they aren't actually connecting to you directly but are getting an IP from the swarm. and because of the warning I haven't pirated anything and don't plan to, that is a good way to ensure to encounter difficulties that will make life harder and I would rather not ruin anything for myself. Most importantly, THEY CAN USE RESIDENTIAL IPS that we cannot.

It's true thats perhaps you can prevail in court w/ the "IP address isn't enough" argument, the question is how much $$ & time you're willing to spend on lawyers & such. And yes, the ISP can shut down my internet in my room at my apartment, they have complete control over that aspect. Unless torrenters start blocking every IP, Peer Block Why Peer Block is useless.

TBH, not sure what you mean by upload settings to 0. In any case, even if you totally stopped your torrent after it finished downloading, that means it has been busy uploading the No one is searching through your files.

Copyright trolls are simply recording your IP address in the torrent swarm (you'll be in the torrent swarm as long as you're download or seeding the torrent). The amount of damage made by one copy is not worth going to court for whilst several thousand copies from a seeder is. That is my take anyway, to hopefully put the the discussion to rest. Settings include log and history preferences, as well as notification options.During our tests, Peer Guardian performed flawlessly.Next, the application prompts you to add the list of IPs to be processed; the source can be a text file or a URL.

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