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You won’t have to look far, because there are tons of great places to meet girls all around you.

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To show women you’re the guy they’re looking for make your profile as fun and engaging as possible. For starters make sure you’re in the right state of mind when you sit down to create your profile.

If you’re feeling lonely, insecure, depressed, or anything like that, those negative emotions will influence the way you write.

To get the most out of these nights out be sure to show up early to whatever venue you’re going to.

This gives you a chance to get acclimated and comfortable in the environment.

Don’t worry about getting numbers or impressing anyone.

Just see it as an excuse to meet cool people and do something different with your night.

These are the places most people tend to look towards when they’re single and want to meet someone.

So you’ll have ample opportunity to meet girls simply by heading to bars and clubs on the weekends.

Plus, you’re in a space where everyone is messing up, and that vulnerability will have everyone feeling close and connected very quickly.

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