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For this tutorial, we’ll be using the most recent version, Microsoft Project 2016.

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One of the benefits of MS Project is that it can calculate how long it will take a person to complete the task based on their availability.

If it’s a particularly important part of the project that needs to be done quickly, you can assign multiple people to it and Microsoft Project will decrease the time it takes to complete the task based on how many resources are assigned.

To help you get started with Microsoft Project 2016, this tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a project timeline, assign resources, and run reports.

If you want to create your own project, you’ll need an MS Project license (which is likely supplied by your company).

Microsoft Project (MS Project) has been around a long time (the first edition launched in 1984) and it is a staple in a project manager’s arsenal.

There’s good reason - it includes all the tools you need to assign resources, track progress, develop plans, manage budgets, and create schedules.

To get started, open Microsoft Project, click Now that you have the basic structure for your project, we’re going to add the resources you need to get the job done. Add Resources Type the name of the resource needed in the Resource Name field and complete the remainder of the information: Type, Material (if it’s a material), Initials, Max (max amount of time), Standard Rate, Overtime, Cost/Use, Accrue, Base, and Code.

The term “resources” typically refers to people, but can also mean documentation or a certain type of work that will be needed to complete the project. Once your resources are added to the project, you can easily view who is available to take on the task based on their workload, and manage how much time each team member will spend on tasks in the Resource Management view.

As an example, we’ll use a common business requirement when dealing with vendors: tracking the progress of calling for RFPs.

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