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10, 2016, issue claimed the actors were divorcing."We gave a statement that our marriage is really sacred to us," Wilson said, "and it was just getting unacceptable." Hanks added, "If we do something stupid in public, go ahead, do that; don't make up this nonsense! But as Wilson inferred when she mentioned "a certain point"—to be half of a famous couple is to forever be on the radar of someone waiting for you to split up.

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actor, who, during a Facebook Live interview with Australian radio show Fitzy & Wippa earlier in May, described Seaborn as Sheeran's "fiancée" instead of "girlfriend." Naturally, Sheeran's fans lost it over the alleged "engagement" — but apparently, Crowe was totally mistaken about an impending Sheeran-Seaborn wedding.

That's not to say that Sheeran — famous for love songs like "Thinking Out Loud" and "Photograph" — isn't super serious about Seaborn, whom he began dating in 2015.

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If you're a celebrity, on any list be it A-, C- or F-, then at some point your personal life is going to be written about.

According to Sheeran's interview with Beats 1, he took a year off of music to spend time with Seaborn, who E!

Online reports works as a senior advisory consultant at Deloitte in London: Just don't expect the singer to post about his girlfriend on social media.I have my best friend, the person I want to spend time with more than anybody else in the world," Ellen De Generes told event. But that's literally all it takes, a little distance—at least as far as the public eye can see—and you're estranged.And you most certainly don't need to be married, or even that serious yet.And just when fans aren't quite sure what you're going to do next...Emerge from your holiday vacation pregnant with twins and turn the Grammys into your own personal playground.Many analysts believe they make a fine couple, but there are some caveats, according to a new e Marketer report, “Social TV: Marketers’ Enthusiasm Cools a Bit, but Experimentation Continues.” “These TV-related conversations are fragmenting across platforms.

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