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In the pilot episode, a ball of light mysteriously appears over the mountains of Washington and promptly deposits 4400 previously missing people back to Earth.The 4400 have been missing from various time periods dating back to 1936 and none of them have aged.It stars Inbar Lavi as a conwoman named Maddie whose M. is to sedcue rich men and women, rob them for all they're worth and head on her merry way.

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comes from Israel and it's just a tiny bit intense.

Four masked men storm the home of the Danon family and demand that matriarch surgeon Yael botch her upcoming routine surgery on the Israeli Prime Minister, killing him.

Go beyond the algorithm and find something a little more obscure.

Some may be from the distant past, distant countries or even just little known, under-appreciated wonders.

It captures everything that’s important about being a teenage boy: the awkwardness, the confusion, the pain, the gutbustingly hilarious and the occasional…VERY occasional triumph.

Let’s say hypothetically you support a pro football team that is currently 2-8* as of this writing, has not won an important game in nearly two decades and is known more as an extended modern art performance on institutional dysfunction than an actual football team. Then you might be inclined to watch a funny 4-season comedy about the drug-fueled misadventures of a hapless college football team…

The streaming services algorithm works hard to take your viewing preferences and find more just like it.

Still even with all that math, some shows are bound to fall by the wayside.

After a corrupt business manager takes off with all their money, the Ross's are left with only one asset: the small town of Schitt's Creek that they bought as a joke.

The family moves in to the little town and learn to make do with predictable results. It goes inside prisons across the United States and offers us a glimpse into the brutal reality of life in incarceration that viewers quite frankly might not want to see.

was technically cut short four seasons in but there are still 44 excellent episodes on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

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