Husband dating during separation

Some people's incomes drop drastically after divorce.

All that credit you’ve had over the years with your spouse is helpful to him but once you are a single woman, you will get very little ‘credit’ for keeping those payments up.

Once you have a credit card in your name use is sparingly and make sure you are able to pay it off each month.

Other not so obvious assets may include artwork, pension plans, inheritances or belongings brought into the marriage.

Determine what you owe: When determining what you owe it does not matter whose name any debts are in.

This is the fun part, figuring out your post-divorce budget.

The part where you get to determine what you will have to live on once you are divorced.

In such a case, copies of bank account statements and financial business statements will give a clear picture of income.

It is a good idea to make copies of such statements before filing for divorce.

You will have to estimate some expenses but it is important so that you can have some idea of what you will need to survive in your new life.

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