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The Chromecast power supply is rated at 850 m A output, and phone chargers are often 1,000 m A, while tablet chargers can be up to about 2,000 m A.

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In our house we have two TV's (one in Lounge, one in Bedroom) and each has it's own Chromecast.

The problem we are having is that if I cast a program to the lounge TV via the i Pad, the TV in the bedroom will automatically turn on by itself.

I just had a look at some motocross from Bellpuig in Spain on Eurosport.

Fast motion sport really shows up the slow frame rate. No, it's fine for charging a phone, but it might be a bit slower than the charger that came with your phone or tablet.

(The usual intended functionality is that if you turn on your Blu-Ray player, it will automatically turn on the connected TV and sound system, and switch the inputs to the Blu-Ray, ready to watch a disc using the Blu-Ray remote to control the whole system, but you can imagine how it could respond to a Chromecast "waking up" in the same way.) If the Chromecast is not powered up, it won't be "seen" by the app, or if the Chromecast is powered up but the TV is set to not respond to HDMI-CEC activity, then nothing should happen.

Personally, I would suggest leaving HDMI-CEC enabled, and power the Chromecast from the TV's USB port, because having HDMI-CEC means you can pause and re-start the cast using your TV's remote, rather than having to use the casting phone / tablet as your only remote control.

The Chrome desktop casting plugin works with Go windowed or with Silverlight fullscreen.

The resolution can be upscaled to 1920*1080 which looks OK, but the frame rate is not sufficient to give smooth video.

I had always put the country as US and so I missed out on the AU CC offers. Today I set it up again and chose AU for the first time and viola, there was 3 freebies, only one is usefull I might add but nonetheless. Got a Chromecast dongle on the weekend, salesman recommended it over a more expensive media player.

So this got me thinking if you setup your CC and choose UK or NZ, will you see different offers? He advised that i can plug my USB drive into my laptop and stream music to my Chromecast dongle plugged into my TV, only i cannot for the life of me figure out how. Either the Videostream browser extension for Chrome on your Laptop (drag and drop the file) or the Videostream App on an android device (which connects to the Chrome extension on your laptop) will allow you to stream local content, however your CC will still need internet access for local content.

In the end I decided to shut everything down and restart it in logical order, but just before I did, I noticed that our chromecast was listed on my phone as a wifi access point, and it accepted a connection from the phone.

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