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Forensic images consist of a complete data extraction from a digital device.

The drone images include simulated digital evidence to help investigators recover data from actual drones. New technology is designed to alert administrative staff more quickly when there is a problem in the facility.

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https:// Ohio Prison Inmates Pirated Movies and Built Computers From Spare Parts, Inspector General Finds Inmates at Ohio’s Marion Correctional Institution assembled several dozen computers from parts, pirated software and illegally copied movies to broadcast on the prison movie network, an investigation from the state inspector general has found.

The findings, released in a report, stemmed from a previous 2017 investigation that found inmates hacked into the prison network, stole fellow prisoners’ personal information and applied for credit cards in their names.

Inmates eyes will be scanned again when they are leaving to ensure that the correct person is being released.

Rees said he decided to use the new technology after the jail mistakenly released the wrong inmate, who was posing as his cellmate, in June.

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Our News Center features summaries of the latest technology, equipment, strategies and news releases of interest to law enforcement, corrections and courts professionals.

The system has three full-time psychiatrists, two full-time nurse practitioners, two part-time psychiatrists, 19 psychologists and 23 licensed mental health practitioners.

Link to article MDC to Scan Irises to Verify Inmates’ Identities The Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque will begin scanning the irises of inmates booked into jail, according detention center Chief Greg Rees.

Over the past six months, four corrections officers have been attacked and one of them killed by SCI-Somerset inmates. Carl Walker Metzgar would eliminate the possibility of parole for inmates convicted of staff assault, impose a mandatory five-year sentence and lower the threshold for what is considered an assault on staff.

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