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Looks like some of the picture links have died but not all of them.

See the Posts by: Claires Toys - 2017-11-16Explain please ? - 2017-11-07PROOF - 2017-10-01Story behind this one ?

It was pretty much an impromptu shoot, with no photos, and a POV as well as a secondary view.

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Actually this is exactly how it all started when he was in dental school.

He started in the biz by making porno VHS tapes for personnel use with his GF's at the time.

Yes, I've read those posts, but they don't address my questions.

And there was debate about whether some of those pics were from her old cam shows or actual "custom vids."Can you read...comprehend?

Also some friends w/benefits who claim to more during AZ visits. I’d imagine that the AZ police and local media (plus the porn gossip world) would have said something about possible charges shortly after the search warrant.

Either the investigation is still ongoing or nothing illegal actually happened and he’s struggling to get his property back from the cops.

This was probably the first time I had mixed feelings, I'm actually pretty sure that if we knew each other in real life we would have been great friends, anyway good for you if you left the industry for you, take care, alright? Is there a possibility that she made that video when she was a minor, or did she, in fact, abandon the dance later?

It seems you and at least one other person aren't quite convinced she'll ever stop.

Speaking of FTV drama, Melody on ADT seems to keep saying too much and editing her posts later, she said recently that the site planned for a 5th "extreme" update for her on FTV "that got lost" and "still trying to recover it", she deleted that statement hours later. When I first met Claire, she was a friend of Kennedy's, who was my girlfriend at the time.

I ended up doing a shoot of Claire for FTV, and she did an amazing video showing off her talented ballet skills as well as her flexibility.

Someone should pop the question on ADT in the ftv/melody thread and see what Melody and the other people close to Rob have to say.

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