First year dating anniversary ideas for him Horny milf chat

Called her boss (who is a family friend, pretty cool coincidence) and asked him to give her the day off, did it because that guy is seriously the coolest mother fuck on the planet, lined the hallway with candles leading to the bedroom.

Did the whole flower pedal and thing and administered a really bad massage with the oils and whatnot, she fell asleep.

I'm planning on taking her to a sushi place for dinner, but not sure where (suggestions?

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And internally I celebrated the fact that this amazing dude actually wanted to be with me for a whole year!

It's coming up in about one month but we normally don't really celebrate our anniversaries so I don't expect anything big.

And, shes the type of person that want's something practical (at least somewhat useful to her).

Furthermore, we're both young and active people, normally we'd go on a romantic hike with a picnic or something, but I've recently had a major knee injury and cannot do anything beyond normal walking before our anniversary. BTW, I recently moved to Chicago-land area to be with her and don't know anything about the area.

Just answer a few questions to find the perfect way to celebrate your special someone! Whether you are looking for something cultural, a getaway or an easy night-in, we have a few options for you.

We also added gift suggestions and pro tips to make your evening one to remember.

She's a huge Steelers fan, I'm a huge Panthers fan. Until the Panthers got rocked 43-3damn I am a lucky man. Probably coming home and drinking and then of course sex.

We went out to eat and then went to a Keith Urban concert. We are both broke college kids so its a bit difficult to do awesome stuff like vacations for our anniversaries. We just hit this anniversary.a) I suggested she skip our formal anniversary to do a solo motorcycle road trip she had been planning (but got hosed due to weather).

Basically wrapped up everything that I like in one little spot. She called me a few days after and was like, "oh shit madrigore I was thinking and the other day was our one year! I attached an index card in her favorite color with a memory from the item.

Did her hair the way that I like it most and trotted around the house for the night in underwear. Put them in a envelope with some pictures of the 2 of us from that year and mailed it to her. I took her out dinner to the restaurant where we went on our first real date, made her a nice card with an original (and admittedly mediocre) poem and some flowers...

Made some salmon for dinner, rented a few movies that she said she wanted to see, and we just kind of hung out and did cute things all night.

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