radioisotope dating lab - Facebook contact pictures not updating

You can update profile picture on Messenger without the help of Facebook only when you are using Messenger with your phone number instead of a Facebook account.

Secondly, there is no such way to change profile name on Messenger without the help of Facebook whether you are a Facebook user or a non-Facebook user.

There are some contacts that will show up as duplicates.

This happens when the Facebook name does not match the name you added to i OS.

However, the names that you already had in your i OS Contacts app before the big merge will still be there.

If you change your mind and decide that you don’t want to connect Facebook to your i OS contacts at all, you can reverse the process by turning off the Contacts toggle in the Facebook actions of your Settings app. Now, you can see ever-changing pictures of your friends and family thanks to being able to connect their Facebook profile to your i OS contacts.

Let me explain the steps to bypass full-screen caller ID for thumbnail pictures on i Phone.

Probable reason for i Phone losing contact photo sizes after i Cloud restore or Sync.

I have dozens of contacts in my i Phone that don’t have a picture attached to them. For a while now, Apple has included the ability to merge your friends’ Facebook information, including updated profile pictures, to your contacts in i OS.

Sometimes, I’ll get a band’s information at a show and will even forget who they were months later. It only takes a few seconds and we’ve got a short tutorial for you below.

And probably that is the cause for low quality and small-size contact photos when you prefer i Cloud restore for your device.

Since this i Cloud setting is ON, all the additional pictures you add also come as thumbnails no matter what you do.

Step 3: De-select “All Facebook” under the Facebook option.

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