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Our small class sizes, flexible schedules and dedicated faculty can help you succeed in your studies.

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Some feel that a large age difference means being in different life stages and thus not able to connect as deeply.

Other people find that they connect more with people older than them.

There will be a need for well-trained professionals to address the needs of this growing segment of the population on a local, national, and/or global level. in Gerontology program is an award-winning academic program, recognized as a program of excellence by both the professional societies in 2014. To do the broad diversity of the available faculty who teach for the program, both in the Psychology Department and other graduate programs across campus, the focus of the training in the Gerontology program at the master's degree level is interdisciplinary in nature.

in Gerontology program represent diverse academic backgrounds and interests related to lifespan developmental psychology and other areas of expertise (e.g., clinical related topics in later life).

There are plenty of sexual activities (or partners) that you probably don’t need to try in order to anticipate whether or not you’d be into it.

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Your feelings about age may be about your sexual desires, or age may have some other, perhaps deeper meaning to you.

Exploring this with a trusted confidant or counselor may be helpful or interesting to you, as well.

Feel free to contact the program coordinator, Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, [email protected], for more information. in Gerontology program, in comparison to other gerontology master’s degree programs in the Chicago area, offers the most extensive training while still being the most cost-effective tuition option for students. This is accomplished in the following ways: The Gerontology faculty members fully support our students in training for careers in the aging field.

Northeastern’s Gerontology program offers master’s degree training addressing both current and projected occupational knowledge and skill requirements within the field of gerontology. This breadth of training reflects the goal of the M. in Gerontology program to graduate "well-rounded" and well-trained professionals in the field of aging. in Gerontology program produces a well-trained graduate who is prepared to effectively address the needs of an aging population.

But whatever your reasons, know there is nothing “abnormal” about having some limits about age, even if those limits are different from others around you.

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