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We spent 120 hours testing monitoring software on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

We looked at each program’s time control features, checked how effective its filter categories are, and browsed its summary reports for information that can keep kids safe from cyberbullies, online predators and harmful content.

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Keeping my children safe is my top priority, especially while they are online where so much information, both good and bad, is easily accessible.

I use internet monitoring software at home, installing it on computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets.

Surfie lets you tag keywords and phrases, such as “don’t tell” and “home alone,” and if someone sends them to your child through email or instant message, the program notifies you through texts so you can stop the conversation quickly.

This feature can also be used in reverse, so you can block your child from sharing personal information such as their full name, birthdate or address.

Surfie has 18 filter categories, so you can instantly block sites about topics such as pornography, violence, suicide or drugs.

You receive a text alert when your child attempts to visit any of these sites or if they search with keywords related to any blocked category.This also works with online gaming site chatrooms, where your child may be talking with complete strangers while playing.This monitoring program lets you completely block social media and online gaming sites so your kids can’t access them at all.Content Barrier lets you block access to websites based on content by selecting categories such as gambling, sex, alcohol and racism.You can also block specific websites and search terms by adding them to the program’s blacklist.Based on our testing, we believe Qustodio is the best computer monitoring program because of its excellent safety tools, how easy it is to install and use on multiple devices, and the detailed reports it provides parents, including two-way transcripts of chat conversations.

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