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This is not my style, and I found myself feeling pangs of regret when it came time to pack away the rod and gear for the season.

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It was also around this time that we were expecting our first child, so I knew that something had to give, and it wasn't going to be the fishing.

Up to this point, my fishing season naturally ended when my hunting season started. The river fly fishing opportunities around Edmonton in the fall were mostly limited to chucking streamers for Browns.

I started this habit after I moved to Alberta in 1979, with my best friend Ron Anderson. He would collect his specimens during our summer fishing trips, and start his preliminary sketches in September.

How we survived these trips is the subject matter of other stories, but Ron was transferred to Ontario and I started hunting with my negotiating adversary from work, Gary Wolfe. I was either going to have to find new friends to hunt with, or go it alone.

The exposure age of glacial erosion surface at Laolinkou is 130–160 ka, corresponding to Stage 6 of the deep-sea oxygen isotope.

The oldest end moraine at Kuzhaori may form at 421–766 ka BP, corresponding to Stages 12–18 of the deep-sea oxygen isotope.

This paper discusses the ages of the Quaternary glaciations, based on the exposure dating of roche moutonnée, moraines and glacial erosion surfaces using Be.

It is found that the exposure age of the roche moutonnée at Tuershan is 15 ka, corresponding to Stage 2 of the deep-sea oxygen isotope, suggesting that the roche moutonnée at Tuershan is formed in the last glacial maximum.

In accordance with the climate characteristic of stages 12, 14, 16 and 18 reflected by the deep-sea oxygen isotope, polar ice cores and loess sequence, the oldest end moraine at Kuzhaori may form at stage 12 or stage 16, the latter is more possible.

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