Dating scammers pictures from ukraine

Chances are that as much as you are attractive, you probably aren't what is considered a super model today.

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One thing which everyone should be aware of is the fact that the Internet is filled with many people who only want to trick or hurt someone.

Most of them are unscrupulous and they aren't afraid to pose as someone else in order to achieve their goals.

Women who are around 20 years old mostly don't want to date someone who is half their age.

If you notice a young woman taking an interest into you, you should think about why is that happening.

When you chose to start out with Internet dating you accepted those risks.

This article is meant to help you with recognizing those risks and avoiding them.

If she says no, they you should stop wasting time on her.

Some of the scammers like to pretend that they are a woman who has some troubles in life.

Maybe she has a drunk father who is abusive, maybe she is very poor or something similar.

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