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Do you think women speak a different language than men? The scene starts off in a bar, where a wispy man is talking about a woman he’s seen recently. ) He’s talking about her as if he’ll never see her again. ) This dude, Dave, is our main character, and he’s talking to the bartender, Michelle, who doesn’t seem to be very busy in her packed bar. Two Bloody Marys and a White Wine Spritzer.” (Oh right, this is a bar, and I’m a bartender! As Chandler Bing would say, could her body language BE any more clear?? The bartender advises, “In a place like this, if a woman holds eye contact with you for more than a few seconds, it means she’s interested in you! He means to ask if she has a boyfriend, he instead asks her if she’s with someone who’s been in the bathroom for 40 minutes with diarrhea. ” (If you’re late, she wonders, has he been in an accident? ” (He now reminds me of Kip from ) LATER IN THE DATE: They’re getting along perfectly, walking whimsically around a fountain backdrop.

Do you still have that Member’s Only jacket and want to dust it off? Or what exactly women are thinking when they look annoyed (spoiler alert: they’re annoyed). Or would you think that I was just ready to jump in your lap? ” And she ends with, “Well sweetie, you’ve got a lot to learn.” YES, MUCH TO LEARN ABOUT HUMAN FEEEMALES. Dave asks Michelle if he’s a cute guy, and she says, oh yeah he’s definitely cute. If I read somewhere that you were a Lebanese terrorist or a squirrel molester, I’d definitely be thrown for a loop! Anyway, the gist is, Dave doesn’t understand why women aren’t all over him, at this 80’s bar. ) Michelle walks away to get her drinks, and Dave takes this time to put on his Martian antennae and study the human couples in the bar. (Sorry, I had to get in a 90’s reference, I’m in the future.) So far in this film: women are magical beings who are able to understand nonverbal cues and emotions. ” (Note: the song playing from the beginning video is still playing, alternating between a sax solo and a couple singing, “Be the best that we can beeaaooewooeo! In these situations, it’s best to just start off with a simple “Hey.” And, put away your Martian headband. Once he finds out she’s single, he sits down and eats something from what appears to be a giant ashtray full of cigarettes. Then she says, “I know it isn’t very 80’s of me but I could see myself as Scarlet O’Hara, wanting Rhett Butler to sweep me off my feet at the end of Gone with the Wind! I can’t think of a better thing to say on an awkward date. It WASN’T because I wanted to explore your KING-SIZED AIR MATTRESS! You can only know so much, from touch alone.” Valid points.

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And at the same time they get more protective toward shy, trembling you."4.

I have girlfriends who are just the shyest, nicest, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly kind of people. "Don't tell your girl friends every last detail about your relationship with a boy, at least not in a gossipy way. "By letting a guy make the big moves you'll be doing wonders for his ego; when his ego's feeling fine, your life will be brighter, too."15.

' What a shame that these girls are completely misunderstood."7. "Men will always be magnetically attracted to you when you're interesting and accomplished." 11. "The quickest way to a boy's heart is through his ego."17. Do not eat lunch by yourself, or skip lunch altogether.

Do not leave school as soon as classes are over."18.

And yet I've heard boys ask again and again, 'How could you be friends with her, she's such a snob? A guy can feel very embarrassed — and bitter — knowing that your girl friends get a play-by-play each time he calls you, asks you out on a date, or kisses you." 9. "Another good way to turn a crush into the real thing is to determine your man's schedule of classes for the day...

' or 'She's so cold, how can you hang around with her? And a boy will be darned if he's going to act feminine. "Don't take any chances when getting ready in the morning. Effort, plain effort, is often the only real difference between average and stunning girls."10. Figure it out and arrange when to bump into him...a lot."16.

seriously though, check out that flouncy satin bath robe!

” and then awkwardly laughs and runs off, slamming the door. ” I feel like at this point is where (80’s) men go I DON’T UNDERSTAND WOMEN.

The quirky, attractive bartender, who was right there in front of his face! ” “Well she didn’t end up with the guy in the end.” (Haha, yes, that is literally the only reason why someone wouldn’t want to be Scarlett O’Hara.

Seriously, look at the looks she gives him.) He says, “I’ve been calling for two weeks and all I get is, leave a message at the sound of the beep! I don’t know if it’s very 80’s of Janice to mention that she really needs a man, though.) Cue the theme song.

Cybil Shepherd legs.” (Did you catch those timely 80’s pop culture references? ” Well, dude, I’m going to tell you straight up, this lady is not picking up what you’re putting down. —— Time to get real with some real women, giving advice to men on how to avoid having bad dates. “When you’re late for a date, you’re telling me something! (If you’re early, she will wonder, are you too eager? We’ve been together two minutes and I’m batting 1000!

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