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Neither Tucker Max, nor Katy Johnson can claim a penchant for privacy.Max of exploiting her image and publishing "scurrilous lies about her" to "sell T-shirts and other merchandise." She accuses Mr.In contrast to vertical lines, horizontal lines are grounding. In the example above horizontal lines are used to represent communication and calmness for a company which brings together information and communication technology sectors in Africa.

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The shape of your logo says a lot about your business.

It can tell customers if you are friendly or serious, scientific or artistic, traditional or cutting edge.

In the examples above, verticals lines are used to represent superiority and strength for an inn and to represent power and rising-up for a supplement company.

If your company shares these values a logo with vertical lines is a good choice.

In the examples above we see these shapes used to portray gentleness with calm farm scenery; light-heartedness with cute animal illustrations; friendliness using an illustration of an seemingly approachable business man; and inclusivity for a family dental logo.

While the soft and gradual curves of circles, ellipses and ovals often lend themselves to gentler applications, these shapes also have a history of being used for badges and stamps, which exist in industries with traditional, authentic or even vintage qualities.

Another form which logos take on is one composed of lines.

Vertical lines feel powerful and established, like a stake in the ground.

In the examples above, spirals are used to represent tribalism for a women’s life coaching business, to represent flow and strategy for a marketing, strategy and technology company and to portray personal introspection and transformation for a inspirational speaker. In fact, these shapes are perfect for communicating power, intelligence, stability or just plain coolness! In the examples above, squares and triangles are used to represent professionalism for a lawyers and a marketing consultant, to represent stability and control for a home furnishing company and to portray maturity and intelligence in a personal logo.

In this section we’ll take a look at how these shapes might relate to your business. Squares and triangles are also inherently more “edgy” than circles (no pun intended).

A defining feature which separates angular shapes from soft shapes is the presence of corners. In the examples above, triangles are used to portray an alternative way of life for a sustainable textiles company and to give a badass look to a saloon.

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