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I was also hoping that if I needed help with my form, we could have one of those romantic movie moments, where he guides my posture and stance from behind while I melt from his touch. Seeing him and hanging out with him only brought back all of those silly juvenile feelings.

He was three years older than me and barely knew I was alive back then. After Gabriel graduated from high school, I really didn’t see him that much.

My high school sweetheart and I split up, and life moved on.

My friends knew how much of a crush I had on him years ago.

They actually couldn’t believe he was still single.

She says, “I often wear a safety vest and boots at work, but on weekends, you can find me in black tights and oversized hoodies.” She adds, “My hair is a natural colour, because I like to get it cut and donate it every few years. We had friends in common, so I would sometimes get to interact with him.

As it gets longer, it typically goes up in a ponytail or messy bun.” Allison is “efficient, methodical and stubborn” but likes to “have a good time relaxing, eating snacks and watching TV.” Allison wants to date someone who “cares about the same things that I do.” I went to high school with Gabriel. He had a real laid-back attitude, kind of looked like a skater, which was all the rage at the time, and was really nice. Eventually, I started dating someone else, who would become my high school sweetheart.At one point, I confessed to my high school crush on him, and his response was that it was “flattering” to know one of the “cool, hot girls” liked him and that he had been so oblivious in high school.I verified the Facebook flirtation through several friends, because I didn’t want to be reading into anything.Over the course of the afternoon even those stopped, probably as he decided I was hopeless.I did sort of get better, and by the end of the day I was hitting most of the balls, but it was painful for him to watch my slow progression, I’m sure. It was the usual banter you have with someone you haven’t seen since high school, about who you still see, do you remember so and so, did you hear about whatshername. On the way out, we grabbed some waters and had a chat in the parking lot. I was hoping for a hug, or better yet, a peck on the cheek.That was nice, but I realized that I was looking at him adoringly, and he was looking at me like I was just a kid. Anything to tell me that he was at least a tiny bit interested.

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