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This brings us to a major paradox, because how can we -- who are finite, understand God, who is Infinite.

Wade, England and Caron agreed students need to be willing to take the first step of having honest conversations about what they want from a hookup and how they expect to be treated before, during and after.“The first thing students need to do is be honest with each other about what they like and what they want,” Wade said.

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New York University sociologist Paula England, who surveyed more than 26,000 college students nationwide about hookup culture, said the definition is deliberately ambiguous.

De Sipio said the ambiguity allows students to decide for themselves what their peers are talking about.“There is this unspoken rule that men should be having lots of sex,” De Sipio said.

It was heavy petting, then it was casual sex then hooking up, but it’s the same concept.”Sociologists who study sex agree casual sex has been happening for as long as people have been having sex, said Sandra Caron of the University of Maine and author of “Sex Lives of College Students: A Quarter Century of Attitudes and Behaviors.” Today, it’s not the idea of sex before marriage that’s different.

It’s college students’ attitudes that have changed.

Despite this data, media and popular culture place millennials at the center of hyper-sexualized programming from pregnant teens to spring breakers, leading to the frequently publicized misconception millennials are sex-crazed and out to ruin the conventional ideas of dating and relationships generations before them enjoyed.“Hookup culture is not a new thing,” De Sipio said.

“It has been happening for generations, and it has just been called something different for every generation.

The Kabbalah describes God as Ein Sof, which in Hebrew means "without end." Colloquially, of course, we are accustomed to use "infinite" whenever we refer to something “very, very big” or “uncountable.” But its real definition is “without borders” or "without parameters." Just as when we physically grab something, we need edges/borders to hold onto, so too when we mentally grasp a concept, we need to perceive the boundaries of the idea as points of reference.

Thus, when we define something we give it parameters, and thereby we are able to comprehend it.

You just have to learn how to work with it and not screw up too badly that you don’t have to be ‘that girl.’”“In talking about hookups, they emphasize how drunk they were, as if to put an end to any speculation that they have a romantic interest in the partner,” England wrote.

“Another strategy students described is creating some distance after the hookup — if you were friends, act like acquaintances; if acquaintances, act like strangers.”Enter the “Lehigh look away” — a behavior Lehigh students tend to joke about while simultaneously engaging in — rather than make eye contact with or say hello to a recent hookup on campus, look away and pretend not to notice them.

“It’s how you prove you’re a good heterosexual man, and women shouldn’t because then they’re a slut.

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