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“The emperor then exiled Arius, an act that, while manifesting a solidarity of church and state, underscored the importance of secular patronage in ecclesiastical affairs,” according to Encyclopedia Britannica.Christianity spread slowly over the next two centuries, as only one emperor (Julian in the 360s) tried prohibit it.He defeated the Severus and Galerius, the Augustus of the East, in 306 and 307.

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Constantine dating

The symbol was either a cross or the labarum, an intersection of the chi (X) and rho (P), the letters of Christ.

Christian author Lactantius, writing several years after the battle, described, “Constantine was directed in a dream to cause the heavenly sign to be delineated on the shields of his soldiers, and so to proceed to battle.

“But there was no ‘triumph,’ no one moment where Christians had visibly ‘won’ some battle against pagans,” writes Dr. “Progress was bitty, hesitant, geographically patchy.” By the end of the fourth century, Christianity was the dominant religion in the Roman Empire.

Constantine I is considered the father of the Byzantine Empire and one of the most influential figures of Western history.

The following day, Constantine’s outnumbered forces defeated Maxentius’ forces, which tried to retreat over the Tiber River on a pontoon bridge.

In the chaos of the retreat, the bridge collapsed, leaving only the too-narrow Milvian Bridge as a route to escape.

Maxentius and many of his men would drown or be trampled to death in the escape.

Constantine rode into Rome with the head of Maxentius.

becomes an imperial religion,” says University of Texas religious studies professor L. “Now, Jesus had been transformed into the Lord Christ of Heaven and Constantine, the emperor, ruled in his name.” In 325, Constantine hosted the Council of Nicea, the first ever Ecumenical council, to settle a dispute primarily between Alexander and Arius over whether Jesus was as divine as God.

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