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I was told that while my phone number was listed on my account, they didn't have permission to contact me directly.

Someone from the executive office later provided me with a different version stating that Wells Fargo wasn't obligated to contact me. Wells Fargo is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. I made a payment recently and following that payment enrolled in automatic bill pay.

I decided to go with a different bank, but they sent the money to my university anyway, and I didn't find out until a year later.

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Completely unprofessional and obviously have no idea what they are doing. My parents have them for their mortgage and have never had any issue like what I am dealing with for the student Loan division of Wells Fargo, which is why we went through them.

I have several other student loans and they are happy to make arrangements when you need help. It's unbelievable to me that instead of getting something from you, they would rather take nothing and not get paid but they will call and call and call you and Your co-signers.

I haven't been looking at my statements (my fault), and until recently have been paying extra every month thinking it was going towards principal. Also, many of my monthly regular payments went to interest only.

I have contacted Wells Fargo, and they gave me the run around that this is their business practice and there's nothing I can do. We have had horrible experiences with this company.

Ending up having daughter re-enroll in school and put loans on forbearance.

Second time around she tried to consolidate and was denied unless she had a cosigner, same thing.

Ruining my credit could have been avoided with a simple phone call, but it appeared that these guys don't care about their customer's credit health. They "denied" my automatic bill pay request because they said it was overdue and sent a "secure" message to my Wells Fargo account - as if I check that account on a daily basis.

Two months later, I noticed the charges weren't coming out of my account.

They refused to waive them because they've waived 2 in the past - 2 separate mistakes they made - and in the end of the day they won't even assist me in setting up a new automatic bill pay... I would like to ask Why co-signers are being pursued first by Wells Fargo and the BORROWER isn't... We are retired on fixed income, had to go back in the working world to pay this student debt...

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