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Managing Assignments - Editing Outside of an LMS Assignments created through an LMS can only be edited within the LMS in which they were created.

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Enter all assignment details, as well as any optional settings, then click Submit. From here, you can amend your rubric and ETS® e-rater® settings. From your instructor homepage, click the Quick Submit tab, then click Submit. Enter the submission details and choose the file you wish to upload, then click Upload. Select immediately (can overwrite reports until due date). It is recommended that the post date is set after the due date of an assignment, giving you time to leave feedback on student papers.

However, if you prefer that feedback is released to students prior to the due date, this is possible, too.

You may receive an error message stating that 'editing has been disabled for this native account'. When creating a new assignment, do the following: Click the class name.

Click the Add Assignment button, then choose Paper Assignment.

For Peer Mark assignments, the post date must always be after the due date.

Note: Students cannot access grades or papers reviewed using online grading tools or Peer Mark until the assignment post date/time has passed.Create a name for the assignment and set the start, due, and post dates.Click the Optional Settings link, towards the bottom of the page. If you would like to change the settings for an existing assignment, do the following: Click the class name. Managing Assignments - Viewing Paper Information Click the relevant class name in which the paper in question resides.Creating or Joining an Account - Creating a User Account If you're a UK instructor, visit the Turnitin account creation form.If you're an instructor outside of the UK, visit the account creation form.Scroll down to the Submit papers to: drop-down menu. Click More Actions for the assignment you wish to edit. Click the Optional Settings link, towards the bottom of the page. Note: The new settings will only affect future submissions and not already-submitted papers. Click View alongside the assignment in which the paper in question resides.

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