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Once this is done the Sql Data Source will automatically pick values from respective Text Boxes inside the Grid View row to be edited.

now whats crazy is that this doesnt updatebut when i uncomment e. Set Style Attribute("Left", false, val, true); This works fine but my visual studio 2005 / 2.0 says that the Behavior object is obsolete. But when i use it to set the Style attribute it doesn't work . In the second case, I have to rebind the grid in order to see the changes take effect.

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When the Button is clicked, the Insert function of the Sql Data Source is executed which then inserts the records to the database and binds the Grid View again to display the newly inserted record.

For example if the column name is Name its corresponding parameter name will be @Name.

Delete Command = "DELETE FROM rammekategori WHERE (Kategorinavn = @Kategorinavn)"; Parameter Kategorinavn = new Parameter("Kategorinavn", Type Code.

String); Parameter Kategoribeskrivelse = new Parameter("Kategoribeskrivelse", Type Code.

I'm setting the Filter expression of Object Data Source dynamically in my code behind (Page. If I set the filter expression to a hardcoded string, then it filters properly.

Is there anyway to use filtering without objectdatasource, or is there a way to give objectdatasource an source then bind it to my gridview. Edit, True) in a loop for every column in the gridview. Four datetime columns (coming from SQL Server 2005) with different editmasks/formats at different points in time (mm/dd/yyyy, yyy-mm-dd, [shortdate][time], dd/mm/yyyy, none). Cancel within On Creating User Event Hey there I do multiple checks on Event 'On Creating User' (Create User Wizard, ASP. When my User makes some mistakes, i leave the Handler with e. So the User is back in his Dialog - forced to fix his errors.

NET 2.0 introduces three new data Web controls: the Grid View, the Details View, and the Form View.

Future installments will explore more advanced updating scenarios, such as customizing the Grid View's editing interface and programmatically setting the updated values. The UPDATE Table Name SET Column Name1 = @Parameter Value1 Column Name2 = @Parameter Value2 ...

Find Control("Ramme Kategori DS") as Sql Data Source; if (m_Sql Data Source !

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