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This section is for those who want to know when they are in danger and when they are not!

In the bright shiny new world of Free BSD the old CVS repository is no longer supported (so the old cvsup and csup utilities are now obsolete) but has been replaced with a subversion repository (for documentation and background see subversion on-line documentation).

There is no attempt to analyze the reasons - it just works.

Binary updates (freebsd-update) are supported for this branch only since this constitutes the so called security branch after installation.

You can find the information about what version you will have by looking at the script /usr/src/sys/conf/(or in our non-standard case /var/src/sys/conf/ once the svn run is complete.

In such cases one of the CD based direct install methods may be quicker and less risky.

As with all things Free BSD there are about 100,000 million ways of doing things which can leave folk confused when they read three different HOWTOs all describing different ways to accomplish the same goal. The author of the HOWTO has always done it that way.

This is a survival guide to keeping Free BSD up-to-date ('ish).

This note covers the automated tools (freebsd-update and portsnap) and manual methods for updating Free BSD.Here are your real choices for upgrade: The handbook says it, every HOWTO in the world says it, so we're gonna say it too. Most folks get kinda nervous when it comes time for an upgrade and postpone the fateful day as long as possible.This is a big mistake since the Free BSD team have done a great job in making it relatively simple and painless.In general, the automated tools should be the preferred method.The manual methods are included for the sake of completeness, because some people prefer them and because sometimes - TINA (there is no alternative). As a passing observation if you were using entirely automated tools (freebsd-update and portsnap) you would not need be aware of this change - and might not even know about it. Note on Sloth: We generally follow the 'slothful' theory of OS maintenance.Note on the move from CVS to subversion: The notes on manual methods have been updated to reflect the Free BSD change from CVS to subversion that from March 2013 covers both source upgrades and the ports system. We do nothing exciting, nothing even remotely interesting and if it smacks of risk, we lie down in a dark room for a couple of hours, then check that we have access to emergency medical assistance, before doing anything. Free BSD finally stops maintaining our release and we gotta do something. Hell can freeze over before we break that last rule.

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