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Codependents often feel compelled to solve other people’s problems.

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Enabling is a term often used in the context of a relationship with an addict.

It might be a drug addict (which includes an alcoholic), gambler, or compulsive shopper.

Their behavior starts as a well-intentioned desire help, but in later stages of addiction, they act out of desperation.

The family dynamics become skewed, so that the sober partner increasingly over-functions and the addict increasingly under-functions.

This precludes the addict’s attempt to manipulate the family.

Having some recovery under his belt, one husband resolved to remain on vacation with the children when his addict wife suddenly decided to return home.Allowing the addict to drive you or your child while under the influence is life-threatening.On the other hand, taking on the role of designated driver gives the addict free license to use or drink.Yet, codependents feel guilty not helping someone, even when the person caused the situation and is capable of finding a solution.It’s even harder for codependents to say no to requests for help.I always suggest you have a Plan B to cope with addicts’ unreliability; otherwise, you end up feeling like a victim.

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