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Links: College Romance – A simple flash romance virtual novel, PG-13 contains adult situations but not nudity.Sim Girl – A flash game that pretty much includes all the stereotypical Japanese dating scenarios, including the H ending. Dating Sims at New Grounds – A big collection of flash H-dating sims, most are probably crap.I do not know what is considered to be the first “dating sim”, the early H-game Dokyusei (1992) seems as good a candidate as any.

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True Love 95 – The ms-dos game in english, in all of its 256 color glory, downloadable for free. Wonderland Days – A PG rated Otome dating sim for girls.

Similarities and Differences with Ariane’s Dating Simulator While mine is made up of rendered 3D while most of these are hand/computer drawn, the idea that live photos would be way too creepy is a shared idea.

Dokyusei actually had plot and a gaming objective before the sex and nudity came into play.

Like many early titles, eventually non-H versions would appear on consoles, and even Anime based on the game would be made.

Select top games if you want to play really fascinating ones.

that had dating scenarios in them, and I knew about interactive stories, adventure games, and the “choose your own adventure” books, but I figured that my combining all these elements together was an original concept.

Here you can download free Simulation mobile games.

Any game for mobile phone can be included into several sections and have several features.

Dunno if I'm just lazy, but I wish the stats were at max first and not us clicking them 356 times.

(Yes, I calculated as the maximum stat is 99 and you begin with 10 points for each of the section...

My ignorance can be forgiven since all of this happened in Japan, and nowhere else.

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