Accomodating patients

I figured I would try out a more natural way to heal my body rather than going to an orthopedist who would most likely want to dive right in to surgery.

I was also worried my first visit wasn't going to go well because alot of places just want to go right in without making sure they're not going to cause more damage and pain. Cullinane; she was absolutely wonderful and so thorough.

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We have designed our clinics to address a wide variety of medical problems that can cause pain and functional issues for our patients that impact their quality of life. Very out of the box approach, which I appreciate these days! When I find a doctor that understands the issue and always goes above and beyond to help me, I do what I can to continue seeing them. I have had both sides of my degenerated back injected (epidural shots) with complete success.

He allows me to have no sedative, which is cool because his jokes and stories in the operating room are really good. Vaidya really stands out head and shoulders above everyone else.

I am already confident in my future visits and results and can't wait to see Dr. I can't help but think of my next appt and the relief I'm gonna feel each time I come here. I've had chiropractors where I was in their office for 10 minutes for treatment and that was it. Artinian takes him time, listens to your questions/concerns, and answers them fully and honestly.

He's very flexible with my schedule and even makes himself available on the phone if I have a situation.

We look at each patient and case individually and devise the best course of treatment that will benefit that patient.

We treat an extensive number of conditions; while we specialize in chronic pain and spine treatments, we can also help with injury rehabilitation and many other medical issues.

We stay informed of the latest information and procedures in our field through our affiliation with the Texas Chiropractic Association.

Our office is open five days a week, and we accept cash, debit cards, personal check, and most major credit cards as payment.

He really takes time to listen to your issues and provides thorough answers and treatment options. He knows who I am by my face, he knows my health history with out looking in my chart, he remembers conversations we have had at previous appointments. I will be moving our of state, and will travel back here each month to see doctor Vaidya.

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