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But do not let her get used to taking advantage of you.

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If your parents are having difficulty with finances, you may want to step in and help them.

If your parents are asking for money for a one-time problem such as sudden job loss or illness, then if you have the money, why not help them out? However, if your parents, like Jessica’s mom, repeatedly hit you up for money, then boundaries have to be drawn.

I mainly use this money for savings but now it’s been difficult since I no longer have a job.

I used that money to visit my sisters in another state for the holidays, while I was visiting my mother texted me telling me she took $90 out of my account without asking me.

Sure must have been hard – but it was the best thing she could have done for herself. I can’t imagine what kind of resentment that must cause. i also build a house during this period for around 100000$ in which all my family lives and i give it them coz my dads old house was in poor condition.

Leaching off of you for years and then stealing your inheritance on top of it. i also bought a 1300 dollars brand new car my family which i never use coz i work in different country.Though it may be difficult, you can set clear expectations of when you will stop giving them money. Saying no to your parents’ requests for money may hurt your relationship. Was your relationship affected by the request and exchange of money?For instance, I can help you out for the next three months, but after that, you’re on your own. However, if you clearly set parameters as to how much you can help them and when the help will stop and your parents still ask for money, then they are the ones who have chosen to risk affecting your relationship. (You know, experts always say not to lend money to relatives.) If you get repeated requests from your parents, did you continue to give them money? No, my parents always had great money habits and laid a good foundation for me to be a saver and to stay within my means.Then when my dad passed away when I was 18, it became really bad and she took my whole inheritance (hundreds of thousands) and I was giving her 0 a month on top of that. Reply I am a full time high school student living with my mom and step dad.My mother has always been bad with her money and i moved in with her a year ago, I’ve always had jobs but I quit my last job and now I’m unemployed, however, I get retirement money from my dad with social security now.Thanks to Patty’s family’s support, Jessica went on to college.

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