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The USSR tried to undermine his regime and they considered military action.Had Korea not escalated, there’s a good chance the Yugoslav affair would have escalated into outright war in 1950/51.Age definitely helps bring things into perspective.

Uhm, in a collectivized, communist economy there’s no profit motive, that’s correct. Doesn’t it subsidize certain industries, thus picking winners and losers? Well, we just do whatever works and call it socialism! The Bush administration tried to call it a “purchase assist program” or something along those lines.

However, you can have a democratically governed socialist society and a successful market economy, like many nations in Northern Europe. Doesn’t it bail out banks in trouble (effectively nationalizing them)? ”The US does the exact same thing with socialism - they use socialist policies when they work, but simply don’t call them socialist. So, it wasn’t a bailout and there was nothing socialist about it, right? If it talks like socialism, walks like socialism, it’s socialism no matter what you call it.

Economic rationale Now the economic aspect is a different story, but it’s just as complicated, if not worse. Years ago, a US trade delegation was visiting China, discussing economic policy.

Yet again, people mix up socialism and communism, so you hear them talking about the “profit motive” and stuff… When one of the Chinese reps started talking about a few issues, one of the Americans remarked that the policies “don’t sound very socialist” to which the Chinese guy replied: “Oh?

1090) in which, according to these authors, Visigothic script was replaced by Caroline.

I have already written here about this misconception kept also in no-so-old scholarship.

Yugoslav pilots, hammer and sickle in tow, trained in the US, and then went home to fly US jets with communist roundels.

In addition to Yugoslavia, the US sent billions in aid to democratic societies in Europe, many of which were (and still are) socialist.

With no Soviet military aid, much of the military inventory was rendered useless, especially the Air Force. Yugoslavia received hundreds of M-47 tanks, artillery pieces, F-84 and F-86 jets and so on.

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