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At Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash are the main attraction with some people heading towards Tower of Terror and Rocking Roller Coaster. If you are staying offsite, you can book your Fastpasses 30 days in advance.

When the time comes for you to redeem your Fastpass, return to the ride but use the Fastpass entrance.

You will also find the show times and parade times listed in the Times Guide. They are the character handlers and they can help you find any character that is currently meeting in the park. When you get into line to meet a character, make sure you ask the handler when the character will be going for a little snack break. This center includes a nursing room, changing stations, high chairs, toys and more. This is a great way to sprinkle a little Pixie Dust on another family. You could also order an inexpensive stroller on Amazon and have it shipped to your resort. It is so much cheaper to rent one from an off site company (we have used Scooter Vacations).

This way you can either exit and re-enter the line later or at least warn little junior that the character might have to leave for 5 minutes. If you see a Photopass photographer standing somewhere kind of random, it usually means he is waiting on a character to arrive. When you leave, offer it to a family checking in with a little one. They will even deliver it to your resort and have it waiting on you at luggage services. Rope Drop – Want to experience shorter lines, cooler temperatures and smaller crowds?

If you want to make it to the park in time to be at the front of the line, you need to get on a bus at least one hour before the park opens. The rule of thumb is to tip $1 per person in your room plus an extra $1. Sometimes Mousekeeping leaves you magical touches such as towel animals, turn down service, extra towels or extra shampoos.

That will give you time to make it through security and still get up near the front of the park’s entrance. The resorts will accept packages on your behalf starting 2 weeks before you arrive. We love returning to our room each day to see what they have done. Bring Disney stuffed animals, stickers, etc to decorate your room and window.

You can use this amenity to ship items to the resort including food, a stroller, a case of water, etc. As long as nothing is permanent, you are welcome to decorate your resort window however you wish. When the park opens, you want to head towards the most popular rides first.

Plus Mousekeeping has fun with the stuffed animals and often rearranges them while you are in the park. Your goal is to beat everyone else there, but if that is impossible, you still want to be in front of as many people as possible.We have come back to the room to find our stuffed animals watching tv, sleeping in the bed, etc. A good way to make your kids behave during your trip is to do Tinker Bell gifts. Every night, beginning at 9 pm, the Electrical Water Pageant makes it’s way around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. You could go for dinner at 1900 Park Fare (located at The Grand Floridian) and then walk down to their beach and see the Pageant and the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Enjoy a FREE campfire sing along with Chip at Dale at Ft. It is usually around 7 pm during the fall/winter and 8 pm during the spring/summer. Animal Kingdom Lodge has over 100 grazing animals on property. While you are there, you can stop by the gift shop and there is a place set up for kids to play musical instruments from Africa! When you enter a park, you must first go through security. It’s important to know where the crowds are going to go as soon as the park opens. The queues for these rides will be the shortest they will be all day early in the morning.Bring a bunch of little Disney themed toys with you (from the Dollar Tree) and have Tinker Bell leave one each night for the kids that were good that day. They can advice you on how to get over the counter medications, transportation to the nearest doctor’s office and more. You can take a bus or a monorail or a boat and browse the resort (you can also drive, just let the guard know you want to browse the resort. You can dine in the resort’s restaurants, shop in their stores, walk on their beaches. You can enjoy a FREE Disney movie, make smores (don’t worry, they sell them by the campfire if you don’t have your own fixings) and hang out with Chip and Dale. To make this process move quickly, go ahead and unzip all of your bag’s compartments. At Magic Kingdom, they will head towards Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan’s Flight, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. A lot of time people will all be headed to one turnstile and there will be a long line, while there are 3 open turnstiles on your left hand side that people aren’t using. It’s best to get these rides out of the way as soon as you can. FASTPASS is a wonderful program that Disney offers all their guests.To use this feature, just approach the Cast Member at the entrance of the ride and let them know that you want to do Rider Swap. Before you leave for your trip, you can buy the Photopass CD for 9.95 (it’s 9.95 if you wait to buy it after your trip begins).The Photopass photographers are located at picture perfect spots throughout the parks and also at the character meet and greets.This list include some of the best kept Disney secrets, advice on how to make the most of your Disney World vacation and tips on how to save money and avoid long lines. The Disney website will automatically charge you rack rate price (regular price) unless you go through their special offers page. Disney Vacation Planners (also called Disney travel agents) are FREE to use. When consider where you want to stay, make sure you consider how long you will actually be in the room.

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